Marcus McCullogh 12-01-2009

“Sex Without Shame” (by Keith Graber Miller, September-October 2009) was brief, concise, and covered some of the major things that need to be tackled as people of faith really embrace i

Barbara Diefes 12-01-2009

[Regarding Robert Hirschfield’s “Peering Through the Wall” (November 2009)]: Nothing could illustrate more plainly the bias of U.S. reporting of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Dominic P. Scibilia 11-01-2009

Thanks for the timely and encouraging article by Keith Graber Miller, “Sex Without Shame” (September-October 2009).

Christopher Dorn 11-01-2009

I read with interest Elizabeth Palmberg’s “How to … Find a Social Justice College” in the September-October 2009 issue.

Karol Svoboda 11-01-2009

I found “Sex Without Shame” very disturbing.

I read the entire July 2009 issue of Sojourners in one sitting.

I applaud the commentary “When Governments Kill” (by Richard Viguerie, July 2009), as an American who used to support the death penalty.

Al Stewart 9-01-2009

Thank you for Rose Marie Berger’s excellent column, “Stammering Through Dreams” (The Hungry Spirit, July 2009).

Gerard Burford 8-01-2009

Regarding “What Actually Works” (by Glen Stassen, June 2009): As I began reading this article, I noticed that it was all in the past tense.

I have recently been pleasantly surprised to read more stories and blog posts that bring attention to rural causes.

Peter Leoschke 8-01-2009

Regarding “Are Books Obsolete?” by Molly Marsh (May 2009): As a LEED accredited professional, I appreciate the necessity of sustainable practices to promote better health and well-being

Thank you for the wonderful issue on “The Green Economy” (May 2009).

Lynne Elyse Farmer 7-01-2009

As a bibliophile who loves the act of reading but also the sensory experience of a book’s look, feel, and smell, I thought, “Why would anyone want to read a book on a screen?” Fif

Richard Greer 7-01-2009

I appreciate Derek Webb’s zeal for doing what’s right, but I wonder just how many latrines and wells Webb has gotten his hands dirty digging (“Nashville’s New Groove,”

Evan Jones 7-01-2009

The letter “Women and Islam” (Letters, April 2009) points out that Islamic law often forces women into subservient social and religious roles.

Jennifer Hosler 7-01-2009

I appreciated the article on eating disorders and wholeheartedly agree that the church needs to speak about it more (“Body Language,” by Elizabeth Palmberg, April 2009).

Steven Deutsch 6-01-2009

I appreciated Rose Marie Berger’s piece on forgiveness (“Just Forgive,” March 2009).

Jonathan Richard 6-01-2009

Robert Brenneman’s article (“The Cross and the Crossfire,” April 2009) leaves this reader incredulous.

Paul Meyer 6-01-2009

I was glad to see Sojourners tackle the issue of “The Spirit of the New Islam” (by Rose Marie Berger, February 2009).