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Those Who Already Suffer

Regarding “What Actually Works” (by Glen Stassen, June 2009): As I began reading this article, I noticed that it was all in the past tense. My worst fear was true: Funding for his special Teenage Parent Program (TAPP), helping young pregnant girls, had been reduced. The reason was lack of political will.

Why is it in our wealthy society we just don’t have the will to provide money for programs such as TAPP? In the news just yesterday, California—due to budget problems—cut programs for poor children and their families. The first to suffer in these situations are the ones who are suffering the most already.

My favorite—yet most challenging to follow—verse is Matthew 25:31-46. I expect to be called to task for what I—we—did not do for the least of our brethren.

Gerard Burford, Indianapolis, Indiana

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Sojourners Magazine August 2009
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