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Grace and Gratitude

Thanks for the timely and encouraging article by Keith Graber Miller, “Sex Without Shame” (September-October 2009). I have been planning a course on human sexuality for students at a Jesuit college preparatory school for boys in New Jersey. They tell me each year that they prize readings and other resources on sexuality that possess intellectual, spiritual, and moral integrity.

Graber Miller’s article speaks with the wisdom of one who has listened with respect to students and who has gleaned from the Christian tradition and sound social scientific studies worthwhile insights on sexuality and intimacy. A spirit of gratitude for God’s gifts of sexuality and intimacy pervades his work, thus placing human sexuality within a refreshing third way—an expression of grace and gratitude. When our students read the article next semester, they will encounter sex as an occasion for grace rather than sin.

Dominic P. Scibilia, Jersey City, New Jersey

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Sojourners Magazine November 2009
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