John Rufe 1-01-2009

Regarding “Supreme Illogic: Catholic social teaching and gun control,” by Joe Nangle, OFM (November 2008): Pope John Paul II’s 1994 document by the Holy See’s Pontifical Cou

Bronwen Jurado 1-01-2009

Sojourners’ recent interview with novelist Mary Doria Russell (“A Hardheaded Faith,” by Rose Marie Berger, November 2008) leaves me feeling deflated.

Tom Hubers 1-01-2009

I was struck by the letter from Richard Tillinger regarding his love of machine guns (“Misfire?” September-October 2008).

Ben Roth 12-01-2008

In her article “Changing Our Minds” (September-October 2008), Frances Moore Lappé suggests that the real barriers to an egalitarian society are the assumptions we have about pove

Lilyan Snow 12-01-2008

In her September-October 2008 letter (“Don’t Speak for Me”), Lisa Clark writes that she is not guilty for taking part in slavery, and that she does not want her state representati

Shame on the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and the Prison Entrepreneurship Program for not accepting sex offenders (“Investing in Second Chances,” by Catherine Cuellar, July 2008

Dave Keane 11-01-2008

I read with great interest Elizabeth Edwards’ piece on health care (“Heal Thyself?” August 2008).

Tony R. Nester 11-01-2008

There is a reason we don’t have universal health care, and it’s not because we lack compassion for the sick.

Claudia Detwiler 11-01-2008

The article by Elizabeth Edwards (“Heal Thyself?”) raises troubling questions regarding the path to a just system of health care in this country.

Richard Tillinger 9-01-2008

More disappointing than the cheap sarcasm in Ed Spivey Jr.’s column, “One Man, One Clip” (“H’rumphs,” June 2008), was his ignorance of gun owners, evidenced by

Lisa Clark 9-01-2008

Slavery is a lingering scar on North America. Lives were destroyed. People were mistreated. Some died at the hands of cruel masters.

Lucy Fuchs 8-01-2008

It is encouraging to hear how the new generation is approaching religion (“Making Their Mark,” June 2008). They seem to want authentic religious experience and service.

The May 2008 issue on “Putting Your Money Where Your Heart Is” suggests many fine ways of doing just that. However, investing in tax-free municipal bonds was not mentioned.

Jonathan Beachy 8-01-2008

In “It’s a Start” (June 2008), Donald Shriver Jr. rightly addresses the issue of slavery and the need to go beyond apologies. He refers to the “scandalously high number—about 38 percent” of prisoners who are African American. But he does not address the reality of slavery in that setting.

John S. Rausch 8-01-2008

Thanks for your column in the June issue about the military budget (“A Theft from Those Who Hunger,” by Frida Berrigan).

Daniel Wolpert 6-01-2008

Defense Strategies

Wayne North 6-01-2008

Real Change

Chris Anderson 6-01-2008

[Regarding “Being There,” by Jim Rice, March 2008], I met Brother Andrew when I was a recent “Jesus Freak” convert in 1971.

Tom Davis 4-01-2008

It is highly misleading to say anyone can subscribe to Sojourners “risk-free” [as it says on subscription materials].

David Anderson 2-01-2008

Your magazine just brought me to tears. I was standing in front of the magazine display in the library of Montrose, Colorado, when I happened to see your latest issue.