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Equal Treatment

Letter to the Editors

I read with great interest Elizabeth Edwards’ piece on health care (“Heal Thyself?” August 2008). I am insured (and pay way too much for it), but I am eager to understand the arguments and issues around the uninsured. I appreciated her critique of the private health care system, and I read on looking for an equal treatment of the options. Her statement at the end of the article came out of the blue for me: “Universal health care does just that.”

I have read enough to know that universal health care is no panacea itself, though it may be better than what we have. But if we go that way I would like to go into it with my eyes open. Are you going to publish a similar critique of universal health care so that readers like me can understand the costs as well as the benefits of such a system?


Dave Keane
Gilbert, Arizona

Sojourners Magazine November 2008
This appears in the November 2008 issue of Sojourners