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Real Repentance?


Robert Brenneman’s article (“The Cross and the Crossfire,” April 2009) leaves this reader incredulous. The story of “Julio” appears to be offered as an example of the miraculous possibilities of human restoration—Julio is described as having murdered “more than 40” people prior to his contact with an evangelical gang ministry, but now he’s “an itinerant evangelist.” So, did Julio experience the kind of conversion that leads to actual repentance and the acceptance of responsibility, or just the “easy-believing” kind that wipes serial murders cleanly off the slate while providing a nifty career transition? Without some clarification, the gang ministries come across as naive and enabling. I imagine Julio’s new gig as an evangelist provides little solace to the children of his victims.

Jonathan Richard, Denver, Colorado

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Sojourners Magazine June 2009
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