Murray MacAdam 09-01-1998

Support grows for a shorter work week.

Bob Hulteen 09-01-1998

Since its founding in 1994, the People of Faith Network has organized targeted campaigns to educate religious people about the conditions under which the clothes they buy are made.

Julie Polter 09-01-1998

This morning's Washington Post said it is a "workers' market." A booming U.S.

Nate Solloway 09-01-1998

Looking for information on strikes, boycott lists, religious statements on worker issues, stories of labor movement heroes, or watchdog information on corporations?

Patrick O'Neill 09-01-1998
Baldemar Velasquez settles in for the long haul on behalf of cucumber pickers in the South.
Peter Laarman 09-01-1998
Why New York churches are resisting workfare.
Pat McDonnell Twair 09-01-1998
From City Council to Rodeo Drive: campaigning for a living wage in Los Angeles.
Perry Bush 09-01-1998
For a century and a half, workers and church people have organized together.
Kristin Brennan 09-01-1998
Seminarians are learning about another aspect of church members' lives.
Jim Wallis 09-01-1998
AFL-CIO president John J. Sweeney talks about his priorities.
Julie Polter 01-01-1998

Labor activism as an expression of faith?

Julie Polter 05-01-1996
Churches stand with those who labor.