Bob Blackburn 12-01-2007

With deference to Alexia Salvatierra (“Sacred Refuge,” September-October 2007), I do not believe that our current laws regarding “illegal aliens” (securing our borders, pena

Jonathan Mendez 12-01-2007

In June, a predominantly African-American Christian church took the innovative step of hosting a day laborers’ hiring site in one of its worship rooms.

Randy Woodley 11-26-2007

There seems to be much concern lately over the people being referred to as "illegal immigrants." Let's define our terms: "Immigrant" - somebody who has come to a country and settled there. "Illegal" - forbidden by law. Concern about illegal immigrants has a familiar ring to us Native Americans. We have been empathizing with those concerns for over half a millennium.

Let's see ...Were the [...]

Jim Wallis 11-16-2007

A reader asked about my post yesterday:

You say that your opposition is close to making Christian ministry illegal. Would you care to elaborate on this? What sorts of ministries are being made illegal? Where is this being done? What laws are being [...]

Jim Wallis 11-08-2007

At its board meeting last month, the National Association of Evangelicals formally named Leith Anderson as its president. Anderson is senior pastor of Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and has been serving as interim president of the NAE for the past year.

I've had the opportunity to spend some time with Leith Anderson. I believe he is the kind of leader most needed these days, [...]

Molly Marsh 11-01-2007
From parables to street theater, imagined worlds open our eyes.
Molly Marsh 09-01-2007

Race Matters

True to Our Native Land, edited by Brian Blount, describes itself as the first African-American commentary on the New Testament.

Alexis Salvatierra 09-01-2007

With comprehensive immigration reform off the congressional agenda, the New Sanctuary Movement steps into the breach.

Finding sanctuary in a Chicago storefront church.

Bob Francis 09-01-2007

Evangelical Latinos and the New Sanctuary Movement.

Belinda Passafaro 09-01-2007

The broken immigration system is a spiritual issue.

Administrator 08-21-2007

But for three hiatuses for school, I've lived my whole life in the Twin Cities, and my heritage and skin tone match the Lake Wobegon image of my city and state. I'm the descendant of German, Norwegian, Welsh, and British immigrants. I've even been known to utter "you betcha" on occasion. But the new faces of Minnesota have been on display in the wake of the I-35W bridge collapse on August [...]

Administrator 08-20-2007

Elvira Arellano, the young mother who sparked the New Sanctuary Movement and appears prominently in the current issue of

In the public debate over immigration reform, President Bush has been pushing a guest worker program that would allow immigrant workers to apply for temporary employment in certain sectors.

Administrator 06-01-2007

Katie Barge at Faith in Public Life has done a great job of rounding up comments (including GP's post by Rev. Derrick Harkins) on the religious community's advocacy on behalf of family reunification in the immigration debate. Her comments:

The current immigration deal under [...]
Administrator 05-08-2007

At a press conference announcing Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Jim talked about "welcoming the stranger" and "the least of these." Watch it:

See Jim and others respond to questions about the breadth of the campaign

David Batstone 03-01-2007

The modern global slave trade and those who fight it.

Ed Spivey Jr. 08-01-2006
Elvis was perhaps our greatest English speaker.
Rose Marie Berger 07-01-2006

The city council of Maywood, California, declared the town a refuge for undocumented residents in January.