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Where are the Relief Efforts for Minnesota's Social Storms?

by Allison Johnson 05-24-2011
It's rare that an urban area is struck by a tornado.

Prison and Profits: The Politics of AZ's SB1070 Bill Revealed

by Allison Johnson 10-28-2010
What's behind Arizona's SB1070 law besides politics? Money, of course.

Mythbusters: The Truth About Immigrants and Assimilation

by Allison Johnson 10-20-2010
[Editor's Note: Myths and misinformation abound when it comes to the topic of immigration reform.

Our DREAMS Deferred, Our Hearts Emboldened

by Allison Johnson 09-21-2010
Over the past five days, we've asked you and urged you to contact your senators in support of the DREAM Act -- legislation that creates a p

Federal Government Sues Arizona Over Unjust Immigration Law

by Allison Johnson 07-08-2010
In a rare move by any administration, the federal government has sued the state of Arizona over the most restrictive immigration law in the country, SB1070.

Obama to Speak on Immigration Reform Today

by Allison Johnson 07-01-2010
President Obama is keeping hope alive for comprehensive immigration reform legislation this year.

Video: A Second Grader's Challenge to Michelle Obama on Immigration

by Allison Johnson 05-20-2010


Immigration Reform: What's Next?

by Allison Johnson 04-13-2010

Last weekend, tens of thousands of people marched in support of solutions to our broken immigration system.

Faith Leaders on Immigration: Peaceful, Powerful, and Prophetic

by Allison Johnson 03-26-2010

More than 200,000 people descended on Washington, D.C., for the March for America last weekend.

Can I Get A Witness (for Immigration Reform)?

by Allison Johnson 01-29-2010

Some in Washington would have us believe that immigration reform is politically untenable and economically illogical. However, God is on the move among Christians who care about the immigrants in their midst.

'Breaking Bread and Barriers': Storytelling Connects Personal Immigration Experiences with Scripture

by Allison Johnson 11-24-2009
Here's a glimpse into what's happening around the country on immigration reform:

'Loving Thy Neighbor': People of Faith Speak Out against Unjust Immigration Laws

by Allison Johnson 09-25-2009
A recent Center for American Progress report," href=""">

The Truth about Immigrants and Health-Care Reform

by Allison Johnson 08-17-2009
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Mr. Obama, Our Immigration Enforcement Policy Perpetuates Racial Profiling

by Allison Johnson 07-23-2009

While watching Barack Obama's health care press conference last night, I wasn't surprised when he took a question regarding the arrest and subsequent media uproar surrounding his good friend, Henry

Immigration Reform This Year: Let's Get to Work

by Allison Johnson 06-26-2009
Yesterday, President Obama met with key legislators to discuss the details of moving comprehensive immigration reform legislation this year.

Postville Community Leaders Rally Around Immigration Reform

by Allison Johnson 05-14-2009

Postville, Iowa, is a powerful place. Tuesday, hundreds of community members and people of faith from across the country gathered to pray and reflect on the traumatic events of May 12, 2008.

Postcard from Postville: A Year After the Raids

by Allison Johnson 05-12-2009
Today marks the first anniversary of the Po

Obama's Public Promise to Reform Immigration this Year

by Allison Johnson 04-09-2009
Hundreds of faith leaders and immigrant advocates across the country visiting their members of Congress at home this week just got a huge boost from the Obama administration.

Hard Facts of Immigrant Detention Centers

by Allison Johnson 03-20-2009

Obama Speaks on Immigration Reform

by Allison Johnson 03-19-2009
Many people claim the economic crisis and fixing immigration are incompatible issues or competing priorities.