Deportations that Destroy the Human Spirit | Sojourners

Deportations that Destroy the Human Spirit

"Maybe I would be better off just crossing again and going to prison for many years." Upon hearing this, an instant knot forms in my gut. David is telling me his story of deportation on a dusty sidewalk in northern Mexico where he was deported months ago after living many years in Vancouver, Washington. One day he was stopped by police, turned over to immigration officials, and deported, even though he had no prior criminal record. He has been struggling to survive ever since. Sweat dripped down his forehead and rolled over a dozen fresh stitches; he was recently beaten up -- it's a tough existence living on the streets of Nogales, Sonora.

This is a similar story, told over and over again, but with slightly different details and by countless people on these same streets: family, work, young children on the other side -- then, one day

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