Danny Duncan Collum 05-01-2006
'You deserve a break today' can be a pretty appealing proposition.

My journey with Super Giant.

Steve Thorngate 04-01-2006

A few years ago, the “postmodern memoir” or “autobiographic novel” was all the rage among critics anxious to define new literary genres.

Angela M. Skinner 03-01-2006

I was disturbed by the article “Taking Back Our Kids.” The authors seem to think the best way to combat the consumer culture in which we live, and the problems it causes our children, is for one parent to stay at home. I disagree.

They assume that parents work only to keep up with the mounting bills created by a capitalist society. They neglect to acknowledge that many people, especially women, work for self-fulfillment. This is not being selfish. This is being healthy.

Lindsay Moseley 02-01-2006

Having witnessed the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, it may be hard to imagine anything comforting about a whirlwind. They remind us that we are small and fragile.

Johnathan Taplin 05-01-2005
Our lives do not consist in the abundance of our possessions.

Why God's abundant life won't fit in a shopping cart, and other mysteries of consumerism.

Danny Duncan Collum 01-01-2001
Who owns our culture? Who decides what our songs and stories will be?
Julie Polter 11-01-2000

I confess: I was a catalog girl who grew up to be a catalog woman.

Julie Polter 07-01-2000
Saying no to the Disneyfication of America.
The Taize Community 05-01-1977

A call from the Taize community: make the church a parable of sharing and it will play its part in healing the wounds of the human family.