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Living in 'Simple Elegance'

Having witnessed the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, it may be hard to imagine anything comforting about a whirlwind. They remind us that we are small and fragile. They come upon us with little warning, interrupting our routines and threatening our lives. And yet, in the midst of unimaginable suffering and turmoil, God finally appears to Job as a whirlwind. What is this mysterious response?

With insight and conviction, writer and environmentalist Bill McKibben probes the depths of Job’s experience—and God’s dramatic response—to offer fresh perspective on 21st century Western culture and today’s most pressing ecological concerns. Identifying global warming as “the single great crisis of our time,” The Comforting Whirlwind is McKibben’s latest effort to educate and empower his readers. In three short chapters, he deconstructs the primary assumptions driving ecological devastation and social injustice, invites his readers to envision new possibilities, and underscores the urgency of immediate action.

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Sojourners Magazine February 2006
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