Helping parents resist the siren song of marketers.
Shane Claiborne 12-02-2008

As per usual, on Friday, we had all sorts of Buy Nothing Day festivities (check out the video here). But that's not what I want to talk about.

Rachel Anderson 11-28-2008

"Consumption" isn't a bad word. Even as we watch the excesses of the consumer economy crumble and collapse around us, we should remember that the word "consume" also means "to eat."

Eugene Cho 11-20-2008
All of you who have a pulse know that the Friday after Thanksgiving is the single most crazy shopping day in the United States.
Jason Evans 11-17-2008

The day after Thanksgiving, thousands of Americans head for the shopping malls for a ritual known as Black Friday, called such as it's a day when many retailers move from the red (losses) into the black (gains).

Black Friday is "celebrated" nationwide by working off Thanksgiving's meal by shopping. Over a decade ago another celebration was started on the same day: Buy Nothing Day.

When we separate pleasure from responsibility, we defy nature at our own risk.
Does economic growth depend on consumer spending?
Amy Ard 12-01-2007
Learning something new by buying nothing new.
Walter Brueggemann 11-01-2007

Rev. Billy and his "Church of Stop Shopping" preach the gospel of love, anti-consumerism, and radical neighborliness.

Scott Oberle 6-01-2007

Our church has formed a discussion group around your periodical, and our discussion on "Cry Freedom" (by David Batstone, March 2007) met with some disappointment—not in the article itself, bu

Molly Marsh 6-01-2007
Clothing the world with justice.
The Editors 6-01-2007

Instruments of Peace

There's no better way to prevent boredom than playing paddleball, and there's no better paddleball to remind you of your status with the Lord than the Inspirational Paddleball Game.

Julie Polter 3-01-2007
Why do Americans want to live so large?
Everday low prices are part of our American birthright. Right?
Molly Marsh 2-01-2007
Stitching for Social (and personal) change.