Cathleen Falsani 04-24-2009

There's roads and there's roads And they call, can't you hear it? Roads of the earth And roads of the spirit . . .

- Bruce Cockburn's "Child of the Wind"

Mali. Mozambique. Central America. The Himalayas. Kosovo.

Kurt Armstrong 02-13-2009
Last month I started some contract work for Geez magazine.
Michael Norman 12-08-2008
Here in Canada if you're the party with the most seats in the House, you get to be in charge, and your leader gets to be the Prime Minister.

Toronto-based Anglicans met in November to discuss restorative justice models in the criminal justice system, especially in light of the new Canadian administration's promise to be "tough on crime.

It's On Me. Canada has cancelled the $750 million debt owed it by Iraq to help put the war-torn country on a "better foundation" for economic development.

Canadian evangelicals took on Ottawa's far-reaching anti-terrorism bill last winter and won some changes.

During the stand-off between the United States and Iraq over that country’s suspected possession of chemical and biological weapons...

Brett Grainger 03-01-1996
The Struggle for Canadian culture.