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Video: My Adopted Family Reunion in Haiti

I was just interviewed on "100 Huntley Street," a national TV show in Canada. I was in Toronto for a Haiti Partners event with Tony Campolo on Sunday evening that was scheduled six months ago.

Earlier this the week I traveled to Haiti to work with John, and we spent time in Darbonne, the town where two Haiti Partners schools collapsed and where my wife, Shelly, and I first lived when we moved to Haiti. It was wonderful to finally be with our "adopted family" after the earthquake -- though heartbreaking to see their family homes ruined.

Haiti Partners is working hard to help in the Darbonne area. This two-part (20 minutes) video shares the story of getting back to this town after the earthquake.

Kent Annan is co-director of Haiti Partners (, which has set up an Earthquake Response Fund. He is also author of the new book Following Jesus Through the Eye of the Needle: Living Fully, Loving Dangerously, which is about living and working in Haiti.

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