A Brief Explanation of Canadian Politics: Prorogue, Eh?

By Michael Norman 12-08-2008

Here in Canada if you're the party with the most seats in the House, you get to be in charge, and your leader gets to be the Prime Minister. But you can be ousted from power if all the other parties gang up on you and defeat you in a big vote. Then they get to be in power, assuming they can suspend Constant Squabbling long enough to agree on who will actually run things. Over the years, the one thing you could really count on in Canadian politics was Constant Squabbling.

By the way, you folks think you're cool for electing Barack Obama. He certainly is cool, but hey, we had a female prime minister once, and we have a black female Haitian Canadian Governor General right now -- Michaëlle Jean! How cool is that? Plus she just dissolved parliament for six weeks

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