Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Photo: Brandon Hook / Sojourners

Michael Norman, chief financial officer, has been with the organization since March, 2004. Michael comes from a business background, with 23 years of experience in finance, information technology, management, administration and consulting. He also spent 20 years working as a volunteer on advocacy, activism, justice, faith-based organizing and peace work.  

Michael is a graduate of the University of Toronto, and an active Episcopalian. Michael’s interests include monastic guest houses, progressive liturgy, English choral music (performing and appreciating), contemporary popular theology, border collies, poetry, Marcus Borg, artsy films and B movies, the Ottawa Senators, the Anglican communion, centering prayer, spiritual direction and big, fat novels by George Eliot, Jane Austen, Melville, A.S. Byatt and others.

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A Brief Explanation of Canadian Politics: Prorogue, Eh?

by Michael Norman 12-08-2008
Here in Canada if you're the party with the most seats in the House, you get to be in charge, and your leader gets to be the Prime Minister.