Emily Russell 5-01-2004

These paintings were part of an exposition held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was no ordinary exposition.

Betty LaDuke 9-01-2003

Mexico's tradition of revolutionary murals continues in Chiapas.

Kate Bowman 9-01-2003

In Image and Spirit, author and artist Karen Stone recounts comments she overheard in a modern art museum one November day

Jo Ann Heydron 7-01-2003

I avoid movies with car chases and wish more television heroes were not both handsome and single. In my reading, however, I tend to be more open-minded.

Rose Marie Berger 7-01-2003

The Motor City may never lack for drama, but until the Mosaic Youth Theatre came along there were few opportunities for young people to express themselves on stage.

Karen E. Aldrich 7-01-2003

THANK YOU, Don Michael Hudson, for an intelligent, well-thought-through article on the arts and the Christian's freedom toward them

Sometimes the best art isn't at all beautiful.

For too long civic participation in the arts has been viewed as the domain of the wealthy, but a new study by the Urban Institute suggests otherwise.

For years activists have called attention to the plight of the Palestinians through protests, teach-ins, and seminars.

Rose Marie Berger 5-01-2003

The Gallery at the American Bible Society in New York City recently presented "Reflections on Glass: 20th Century Stained Glass in American Art and Architecture."

Don Michael Hudson 3-01-2003
Art, Beauty, and the voice of God.

Worshippers at St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, in Glasgow, Scotland, are now sharing pews with Scotland's most avant-garde artists.

Kimberly Burge 1-01-2002
Artists speak the language of the heart.
Betty LaDuke 3-01-2001

In Eritrea, an American painter finds friends, suffering, and inspiration.

A national study documents what many congregations already knew—that the arts are good for faith, and faith can be good for the arts.

Rose Marie Berger 3-01-2001

Atlanta's Ebenezer Baptist Church's new building demonstrates how architecture can incarnate the history, strength, and spirit of a people.

Larry Bellinger 1-01-2001

"Art has the power to heal spiritual, emotional, and physical brokenness."

Julie Polter 7-01-2000

Artist Barry Moser's new illustrated Bible shows that the people of scripture---and books themselves---are very much alive.

Bronwyn Shiffer 3-01-2000
Women's project leads to transformation.
Julie Polter 1-01-2000
Artists and believers have something to talk about.