For too long civic participation in the arts has been viewed as the domain of the wealthy, but a new study by the Urban Institute suggests otherwise.

For years activists have called attention to the plight of the Palestinians through protests, teach-ins, and seminars.

Rose Marie Berger 05-01-2003

The Gallery at the American Bible Society in New York City recently presented "Reflections on Glass: 20th Century Stained Glass in American Art and Architecture."

Don Michael Hudson 03-01-2003
Art, Beauty, and the voice of God.

Worshippers at St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, in Glasgow, Scotland, are now sharing pews with Scotland's most avant-garde artists.

Kimberly Burge 01-01-2002
Artists speak the language of the heart.
Betty LaDuke 03-01-2001

In Eritrea, an American painter finds friends, suffering, and inspiration.

Linda-Marie Delloff 03-01-2001

A national study documents what many congregations already knew—that the arts are good for faith, and faith can be good for the arts.

Rose Marie Berger 03-01-2001

Atlanta's Ebenezer Baptist Church's new building demonstrates how architecture can incarnate the history, strength, and spirit of a people.

Larry Bellinger 01-01-2001

"Art has the power to heal spiritual, emotional, and physical brokenness."

Julie Polter 07-01-2000

Artist Barry Moser's new illustrated Bible shows that the people of scripture---and books themselves---are very much alive.

Bronwyn Shiffer 03-01-2000
Women's project leads to transformation.
Julie Polter 01-01-2000
Artists and believers have something to talk about.
Rose Marie Berger 09-01-1999
The spiritual vision of Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O'Keefe, and Andy Warhol.
Scott Robinson 07-01-1998
Rita Dove balances creative solitude with a public vocation.
E. Ethelbert Miller 05-01-1996

For political writers who see our work as a necessary tool in the struggle for social change, faith is essential; it determines and shapes commitment as well as vision.

Carlos Santana 05-01-1996

MY WORK AS AN ARTIST is a reflection of God's work of creation in our society and in the world.

Elmer C. Yazzie 05-01-1996

Creativity comes from inspiration; inspiration comes from spirituality; spirituality comes from holiness; and holiness comes from God. All people are created in the image of God and so are spir

Demetria Martinez 05-01-1996

THE TASK of the novelist is to give the devil his due. I will leave it to the saints to manifest God's presence in their words and deeds. That is the art of saints.