Diana Butler Bass 12-06-2008

When I opened the sixth window on the Advent calendar, a very traditional Christian picture greeted me: a shepherd carrying a sheep.

Jeannie Choi 11-21-2008

The word "plastic" means "anything which can be easily shaped or sculpted" (actually, an even older meaning is "sculptor")

Jason Evans 11-17-2008

The day after Thanksgiving, thousands of Americans head for the shopping malls for a ritual known as Black Friday, called such as it's a day when many retailers move from the red (losses) into the black (gains).

Black Friday is "celebrated" nationwide by working off Thanksgiving's meal by shopping. Over a decade ago another celebration was started on the same day: Buy Nothing Day.

Last week was a busy one, getting the blog switched over from Beliefnet to our own web site. Sharp-eyed readers have noticed a few bugs, but since we're over the hump I thought a little Friday fun was in order. Fans of the Colbert Report know that Stephen has done has done a lot to raise awareness of the dangers of bears. His work remains unfinished.

Kimberly Burge 11-01-2007

Finding God in theater.

Rose Marie Berger 8-01-2007
It's very complicated to have hope.
Kimberly Burge 8-01-2007
A journalist's portrait of a pandemic.
Kim Szeto 7-01-2007

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and Google Earth recently launched the Genocide Prevention Mapping Initiative, starting with a focus on the genocide in Darfur.

Rose Marie Berger 4-01-2007
Bewilderment is not momentary confusion. It is becoming fundamentally displaced.
Roger Brooks 2-01-2007

Two articles in the November 2006 issue overlook a powerful old means of communication that is being rediscovered—face-to-face storytelling in circles (sometimes called “peacemaking cir

The Editors 11-01-2006
Films to watch out for.
Molly Marsh 11-01-2006
Storytelling in the digital age.
Donovan Jacobs 11-01-2006

Maybe a single film can't change the world, but put a social action campaign behind it and you have the seeds of a movement.

Danny Duncan Collum 11-01-2006
Who will control the stories we tell-and who gets to see them?
Betty Spackman 9-01-2006
The difference between messaging the truth - and being messengers of the truth.
'Prairie Home Companion' hits prime time.
Author Marilynne Robinson explores the sacredness of the everyday world.
Robert Roth 5-01-2006

Love binds and builds, heals and hallows, redeems and restores.