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Sojourners Magazine: November 2004

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Cover Story

When candidates claim God as their campaign manager, you can be sure they're trying to divert attention from the real question: Do they walk the talk?
For many people of faith, the elections have shown that what is needed is nothing short of a new confession of Christ.


Spiritual leaders gently guide bereaved souls through the holy land of grief and loss.
Paul's letters talk about Jesus' radical new vision of believers as family. But some Bible translations miss the point altogether.


Whatever happened to the 'public good'?
Hope for the world's poorest countries


We'll miss much about the election season. Or not.
There is probably no more divisive time in America than an election season.
Will we recognize an Islamic peace movement when we see it?

Culture Watch

One of the big lies of the modern age is that economics is uninteresting.
Worldwide, women seek to reclaim their countries from violence
Bruce Springsteen as singer, guitarist - and statesman.


Availing space in which we live and move and come to glimpse the import of our being.
The upcoming presidential election still looms large in our work.
Responsible Know-Responsible Know-How
As I was reading your September issue,