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In the Mahatma's Footsteps

Arun Gandhi,

Arun Gandhi, grandson of India’s liberation leader Mohandas K. Gandhi, led a delegation of faith leaders and activists to Jordan, Israel, and Palestine in August to carry his grandfather’s vision of nonviolent resistance to the people of the Holy Land. "We can only achieve peace through nonviolence," Gandhi, director of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence in Tennessee, told the Independent/UK. "When we respond to the oppressor the way the oppressor has done - with the use of violence - then we lose our moral strength."

Mordechai Vanunu, the former Israeli nuclear technician who was jailed for blowing the whistle on the country’s nuclear program, was among the hundreds of Israeli activists who joined Palestinian protesters, according to the Palestine Media Center. Gandhi met with a number of Israeli peace groups on his tour, including Gush Shalom, which works with Israeli conscientious objectors.

"I would like to see the day when thousands of Israelis and Palestinians will march together to resolve the conflict," Gandhi told the crowd in East Jerusalem, "and break the wall that divides them."

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Sojourners Magazine November 2004
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