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The upcoming presidential election still looms large in our work. We have two organizers, Matt Ching and Jennifer Stapleton, out on the road in several states as this is written, doing nonpartisan seminars on raising up peace and justice issues in the electoral process, appropriate legal behavior for faith communities in the political context, voter registration, and more. Our building is humming with activity, from mailing bumper stickers to arranging speaking engagements to proof-reading everything from e-mails to posters (and magazine articles, of course).

The election theme spills over into this issue of Sojourners, with analysis on the increased role of faith in the campaigns and a commentary on assessing media sources during the daily barrage of sound bites and scandals.

But we also remember that our sustenance and our hope is in God, no matter who is elected, and so we have many other articles to help root our souls: A Bible study on the deeper meaning of "brother" and "sister" in the New Testament. An article on the profound role clergy and other spiritual counselors can play in the grieving process. An interview with the founder of Women Waging Peace, Swanee Hunt, on her new book filled with first-person accounts of Bosnian women from all walks of life who are rebuilding their society after years of horrific war. And much more.

In these hectic and sometimes heartbreaking days, as we try to balance political discernment with spiritual vision, we humbly ask for your prayers. Know that you are remembered in ours.

-The Editors

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Sojourners Magazine November 2004
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