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Approximately 11 million children in sub-

Approximately 11 million children in sub-Saharan Africa are orphaned because of AIDS; it kills 6,000 Africans each day. More than 23 million people are infected.

Dale Hanson Bourke, founder of the AIDS Orphan Bracelet Project, decided to do what she could to help. "Each bracelet is a tangible link to an orphan or a woman supporting an AIDS orphan," Bourke told Sojourners. "If each of us contributes a donation and then wears the bracelet and tells one other person, we can, together, have a huge impact on the problem."

The AIDS Orphan Bracelet Project is a Christian grassroots effort to increase financial support and awareness about AIDS orphans. Churches, schools, and other groups offer these African bracelets for a $20 donation. They are made by women in Uganda, Kenya, and Mozambique in micro-enterprise groups who are supporting AIDS orphans. The funds support four faith-based organizations - Compassion International, International Justice Mission, Opportunity International, and World Vision - working directly on the issue.

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Sojourners Magazine November 2004
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