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Sojourners Magazine: January 1993

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Cover Story

The experience is a familiar one. A small, struggling community of believers searching for truth and justice finds the Spirit present in its midst.


A changing Christian political identity.
Educating our emotions about the mentally ill.


In watching recent events in Germany, personal and historical tragedies have sometimes blurred together in my vision.
The church of the poor meets the church of Rome at the Latin America bishops' gathering
The lines at our local polling place stretched way outside, down the block, and around the corner.
George Bush's preoccupation with the character of his opponent was a convenient way to draw attention away from the nasty characters he and previous administrations had been supporting...


An interview with the newly-elected officials
Food irradiation plants and the choices we must make
The war that defined a generation
There are no shortcuts to healing

Culture Watch

An open letter to Henri Nouwen
Children trapped in poverty
Ross Perot's influence on political systems
Americans venturing onto foreign shores


The women's movement in the U.S. Catholic Church will get "stronger and stronger" in the wake of the U.S. bishops' rejection last month of a controversial pastoral letter on women.
For many Canadians, the historic constitutional referendum soundly rejected by voters on October 26 was a distraction from more crucial problems facing the country.
The effect of nuclear testing on frequency of earthquakes