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Idols and Fire Trucks

by Richard K. Taylor 03-01-1996
It is wrong to make an idol out of the law.

Seeing the World Through New Lenses

by Richard K. Taylor 01-01-1993

A changing Christian political identity

Standing in the Crossfire

by Richard K. Taylor 01-01-1992

A history of Witness for Peace

Of Peace and Policy: A Conversation with a Former Army Chief of Chaplains

by Richard K. Taylor 10-01-1983

An interview with Kermit Johnson.

For Penance and Peace

by Richard K. Taylor 09-01-1983

North Americans pray on the Nicaragua- Honduras border

With All Due Respect

by Richard K. Taylor 05-01-1983

An historical perspective on civil disobedience

Fighting Fire with Water

A call for assertive nonviolent resistance

'The Greatest Argument For Peace The World Has Ever Seen'

by Richard K. Taylor 02-01-1983

The man who filmed the aftermath of Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombings tells his story

The First Hour

Nuclear war over Moscow.

A Balance Of Vows

by Richard K. Taylor, by Phyllis Taylor 05-01-1982

Mixing marriage and social action