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Idols and Fire Trucks

by Richard K. Taylor 03-01-1996
It is wrong to make an idol out of the law.

Who Are We?

by Richard K. Taylor 06-01-1993

Letter to the Editors

Seeing the World Through New Lenses

by Richard K. Taylor 01-01-1993
A changing Christian political identity.

CHRISTIAN ACTIVISTS FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE and justice try to join prayer and politics, evangelism and economics, prophesy and peacemaking. Our rootage in scripture, the church's social teachings, and the guidance of Christ and the Spirit give us both perspective on the world's ills and inspiration in our struggle.

As we act in the public arena, however, we inevitably draw upon not only our faith, but also political and economic concepts that help us make sense of our immensely complicated world. Sometimes a particular school of thought seems to have such illuminative power that we adopt large chunks of it to help us understand society, critique inequities, and work for social transformation. This worldview, combined with our faith perspective, gives us a particular political identity.

Leftist ideology is not the only kind of analysis that has influenced Christian peace and justice activists. Clearly, though, it has had a strong impact, including upon readers of this magazine. (Were I writing for another journal, I might be exploring the influence of conservative or rightist ideology on Christian political identity.)

Standing in the Crossfire

by Richard K. Taylor 01-01-1992

A history of Witness for Peace

Of Peace and Policy: A Conversation with a Former Army Chief of Chaplains

by Richard K. Taylor 10-01-1983

An interview with Kermit Johnson.

For Penance and Peace

by Richard K. Taylor 09-01-1983

North Americans pray on the Nicaragua- Honduras border

With All Due Respect

by Richard K. Taylor 05-01-1983

An historical perspective on civil disobedience

Fighting Fire with Water

A call for assertive nonviolent resistance

'The Greatest Argument For Peace The World Has Ever Seen'

by Richard K. Taylor 02-01-1983

The man who filmed the aftermath of Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombings tells his story

The First Hour

Nuclear war over Moscow.

A Balance Of Vows

by Richard K. Taylor, by Phyllis Taylor 05-01-1982

Mixing marriage and social action

Raising The Church's Voice

by Richard K. Taylor 12-01-1981

An international movement to abolish torture

A Manual for Nonviolent Direct Action

by Richard K. Taylor 11-01-1974

What can we do? What steps can we take, using the method of nonviolent direct action?

The Politics of Nonviolent Action

by Richard K. Taylor 05-01-1974

Sharp, Gene. The Politics of Nonviolent Action (Boston: Porter Sargent, 1973). 902 pages.