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Ron Sider's The Scandal of Evangelical Politics

by Ronald J. Sider 02-01-2008

Tragically, Christian political activity today is a disaster. Christ­ians embrace contradictory positions on almost every political issue.

For the Common Good

by Ronald J. Sider 04-01-2007

A biblical perspective on the role of government.

Do We Care Enough?

by Ronald J. Sider 09-01-1999
Generous Christians and other people of good will can end the scandal of poverty. But will we?

Of Amos and Newt

by Ronald J. Sider 01-01-1996
Budget cuts should make us weep--and rage.

Has Evangelism Become Politically Incorrect?

by Ronald J. Sider 07-01-1993

Living out the full teaching of Christ.

Fighting Fire with Water

A call for assertive nonviolent resistance

The First Hour

Nuclear war over Moscow.

Reconciling Our Enemies

by Ronald J. Sider 01-01-1979
A Biblical Study on Nonviolence

Is God Really on the Side of the Poor?

by Ronald J. Sider 10-01-1977

Is God, as some liberation theologians have recently suggested, biased in favor of the poor? The Bible has a clear answer. God is not partial.