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Four More Years

In a stunning journalistic coup, Sojourners magazine is the first Washington publication to be granted an interview with top guys-elect Bill Clinton and Albert Gore. Despite busy pre-inaugural schedules, both leaders were eager to discuss the challenges facing the country and their new administration, so they invited our editors to their transition headquarters.

The editors were busy, however, so the H'rumphs staff went instead. Following is a transcript of our conversation.

Sojourners: Mr. Clinton, Mr. Gore, I'd like to thank you both for taking the time to share your thoughts with our readers. Our time is brief so I'll get right to it...Are those mints there for just anybody?

Clinton: Help yourself.

Sojourners: These are my favorite. I remember when I was a kid waiting for my dad to pay the check at a restaurant; there'd always be a bowl of mints on the counter, and I'd grab a handful before anybody noticed. They were all different colors, but the red ones were my favorite.

Clinton: Did you have some questions for us, sir?

Sojourners: You mean, like, on the economy or foreign policy? Something like that?

Clinton: Seems appropriate.

Sojourners: Of course. But before I begin, I want to warn you that our magazine is not in the business of giving politicians the so-called "honeymoon period." With all due respect, sirs, I'm not going to pull any punches with my questions. I'm here to play hardball.

Clinton: Fair enough.

Sojourners: You know, I really like these chairs. Is this real leather? I'd like to get one of these for in front of my TV. Right now we just have the patio furniture in our living room. We always bring it in during the winter. Have to put it somewhere.

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Sojourners Magazine January 1993
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