January 1992

Cover Story

Underneath the myth in the Third World and the United States


The story of Warren McCleskey
Infant mortality in post-war Iraq
Is nonviolence possible in Latin America?


Changes as we approach 1992
Better paper, better ink 
People of color unite at summit against 'environmental racism'
There's good news and bad news in the results of the Louisiana gubernatorial run-off on November 16.
How can we improve the system of capitalism if it cannot collapse 


Our new look...and other reflections from an art director
Magic: a hero of teamwork and vulnerability 
Do we cook with thankfulness?

Culture Watch

New frontier songs for the new year
Best books of the past year
The balanced life of activism and contemplation.
A history of Witness for Peace
Pop culture is politics...and politics is pop culture
Magic Dogs of the Volcanos/Los Perros Magicos de los Volcanes is the first book written for children by one of Central America's premier novelists, Manlio Argueta.
New Bragg album spins tales of dignity, beauty, and passion.