January 1989

Cover Story


Ever since the clandestine Manhattan Project began in 1942, when America's brightest scientists were recruited by the U.S. government to design and build the first nuclear bomb.
It was Sunday, and with just two days left before the election, I couldn't put off an "election sermon" any longer. It was a depressing topic.
When my niece Anika turned 2 last August, I gave her a picture book about the circus.
Even as more than 60,000 of its people have been killed and one-fifth of its population displaced, the suffering of war-ravaged El Salvador has been eclipsed in public consciousness.

Culture Watch

The 1987-88 pop culture season was definitely a red-letter year. And the letter was Hawthorne's scarlet "A." That's for adultery, in case your high school lit is rusty.


Hold, Yahweh!/Do not punish my enemies