Mubarak Awad helped launch the 1st intifada and was exiled from Jerusalem by the Israeli government in 1988. He is founder of the Palestinian Center for the Study of Nonviolence, founder of the National Youth Advocate Program,and founder and current president of Nonviolence International.

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7 Practical Steps to End Violence in Israel and Palestine

by Mubarak Awad 10-20-2023

A welcome sign in Bethlehem. Photo: Simona Pezzi / Alamy

I have spent my life advocating for Palestinians and Israelis to use nonviolent means to resolve their conflicts. Because Israel feared Palestinian unity and mass nonviolent action, I was expelled by the government in 1988. Since then, I have, on several occasions, personally advocated with Hamas leaders to abandon armed struggle and embrace nonviolent campaigns. Yet, today, Palestinians and Israelis are once again killing each other.

'A Victory Within Ourselves': The Nonviolent Path to a Palestinian State

by Mubarak Awad 01-01-1989

An Interview with Mubarak Awad