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Still Waiting on Statehood

by Joe Lynch 01-01-1989


Iran Air 655

by Joe Lynch 10-01-1988

In early July, 290 people aboard a regularly scheduled Iranian airliner were killed because a top-of-the-line U.S. Navy cruiser was unable to identify it correctly.

The Untold South Korean Story

by Joe Lynch 07-01-1988

Last summer the sight of millions of Koreans fighting in the streets for democracy riveted the world. This summer the eyes of the world will be focused again on South Korea.

Victory at Gallaudet

by Joe Lynch 06-01-1988

For seven days the deaf students of Gallaudet University waged on of the most articulate and well-publicized protests. 

The Panama Connection

by Joe Lynch 05-01-1988

In Panama, the paths of drug trafficking and U.S. foreign policy have crossed in the person of Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega -- and the Reagan administration now wants Noriega out of power.

IRS Seizes Shiloh Retreat Center

by Joe Lynch 05-01-1988

The ministry of the Shiloh Youth Revival Centers, later known as the Shiloh Retreat Center, is no more.

IRS: Prosecution of the Faith

by Joe Lynch 04-01-1988

Through the work of Walk in Peace, Carolyn, Max, and Don, along with others at Jubilee, have responded to the U.S. government's commitment to maintain the contra war.

Promises of Korea's Politics

by Joe Lynch 03-01-1988

South Korea's December 1987 presidential election of Roh Tae Woo was the first since Gen. Park Chung Hee defeated Kim Dae Jung in 1971, a vote widely believed to have been stolen.

Signs of Hope in Korea

by Joe Lynch 08-01-1987

The month of June may have been the most turbulent in South Korea's history since the war that divided the Korean peninsula in the early 1950s.

Footsteps of Faith

by Joe Lynch 06-01-1987

Jean Donovan's Legacy to Her Parents