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Trials and Tribulations

In recent months the breadth of opposition to the unrestrained nuclear arms race has been shown by the overwhelming support that nuclear freeze referenda have received around the country. The risk of opposition has also been made clear by the civil disobedience actions of many in the peace movement, especially Christians.

In Connecticut, the "Trident Nein," nine people who entered the Electric Boat shipyard in Groton and damaged a Trident submarine, were sentenced following a three-week trial. The activists are part of a predominantly Christian network of religious resistance communities, the Atlantic Life Community. They were arrested on July 5, 1982, later convicted and given prison sentences ranging from two months to a year. William Hartmann, one of the Nein, said, "We let our hammers fall on Trident because the indiscriminate slaughter of people must never be condoned."

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