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Sojourners Magazine: January 1983

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Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'Beyond Vietnam' speech
Reflections on Martin Luther King's 1967 speech, "Beyond Vietnam."


A journalist learns of human rights in the Reagan era


A pilgrimage for peace crosses the United States and Europe
Civil disobedience around the country


After Nov. 2 no one, not even its opponents, could deny that the nuclear freeze campaign had become a genuinely grassroots and enormously popular social movement in this country.
In this issue of Sojourners, we have reprinted Martin Luther King Jr.'s 1967 speech "Beyond Vietnam" and Vincent Harding's reflections on its significance today.
We were busily working toward the magazine deadline when the news came.
Few places make me feel less at home than banks.


Mama at the door shakes her head slow, she just stare Feel the wet wind slap like Cain Filling her place cold, where Children crowding that blank window pane