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The Road to Palestine

by Vicki Kemper 04-01-1989

Through the Intifada, Palestinians Work to Create Their Own State

A Plea from Palestine

by Vicki Kemper 04-01-1989

The plea was painfully direct: "Please don't participate in killing kids."

Death-Squad 'Democracy'

by Vicki Kemper 01-01-1989

Even as more than 60,000 of its people have been killed and one-fifth of its population displaced, the suffering of war-ravaged El Salvador has been eclipsed in public consciousness.

Much Ado About Women

by Vicki Kemper 12-01-1988

In September, less than a week after the Episcopal Church elected Rev. Barbara C. Harris as its first woman bishop, Pope John Paul II issued yet another statement expressing his opposition to the ordination of women as priests. 

Welfare Reform: Helping Whom?

by Vicki Kemper 12-01-1988

Ponder for a moment the following factsabout poverty in our world today. 

Abortion and the Front Lines

by Vicki Kemper 11-01-1988

Exactly eight years ago, Sojourners printed a special issue titled, "What Does It Mean to be Pro-Life?"  Recent actions by the churches and the Operation Rescue campaign must encourage us to, once again, seriously and prayerfully consider this question.

The Case for the Christic Lawsuit

by Vicki Kemper 10-01-1988

Let us, the American people, see the long-hidden facts behind the Iran-contra scandal and our country's long-secret foreign policy.

Showdown in San Antonio

by Vicki Kemper 07-01-1988

The Battle for Control of the Southern Baptist Convention continues.

The First Fruits of a Fragile Peace

by Vicki Kemper 06-01-1988

Life is more than breath, and the casualties of the contra war also include people will shattered dreams. 

Looking for a Promised Land

by Vicki Kemper 06-01-1988

The Robertson Campaign and the Wilderness Experience