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'The Unique Concerns of Women'

by Vicki Kemper 10-01-1985

Some pictures speak a thousand words; others speak a thousand years. Such was the image of U.S.

It Won't Be Long Now

by Vicki Kemper 08-01-1985

Claiming spiritual roots at Pentecost.

Seeking the Hidden Face of Christ

by Vicki Kemper 07-01-1985

Peru's prophetic church amid embattled politics.

Fairness in Media?

by Vicki Kemper 05-01-1985

Sen. Jesse Helms' personal crusade against the First Amendment continues unabated.

Investigative Reporting

by Vicki Kemper 05-01-1985

"Lies, lies, lies ...," Newsmaker said.

A Campaign of Persuasive Pressure

by Vicki Kemper 02-01-1985

The movement to end U.S. support of South African injustice.