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Sojourners Magazine: February-March 1992

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Serving a network of faith and justice
An introduction to "Sharing the Sojourn"
Sojourners community statement of faith


The crusade against sexual harrassment
The bells of freedom are ringing loud and long in our nation's capital as the last of the proud patriots accused of aiding the contras have had their good names cleared by the courts.
In one of the most unforgettable scenes in Dances With Wolves, tens of thousands of buffalo thunder across the vast plains of the 19th-century American Midwest.
December 7, 1991, was the anniversary of another tragedy besides the bombing of Pearl Harbor: the beginning of East Timor's crucifixion in 1975.
The war on Brazil's street children
What a homecoming it is! One after the other we have seen hostages held in Lebanon set free.


It was, to speak euphemistically, the Deadline from The Underworld.
The recession is over--couldn't you tell?
Hunger as a social concern
A recipe for Holden Village

Culture Watch

The telling of the life of Maurice McCrackin
Talk radio is proving itself to be the men's club of the media.
Flea markets a home of nostalgia
Michael Tolkin's odd concoction in The Rapture
Rush Limbaugh is radio's populist bully, and he is a willing mouthpiece for the Right's election-year agenda.
The dangers of an American myth
Malcom X before the politics 
Many have given up on inner cities, but not Jeanne Schinto


An anniversary poem
In case the rush of the holidays prevented you from having time to read our last issue, let me repeat that this new column is devoted to covering the groundswell of creative grassroots activity...