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Our Life At the Foot of the Mountain

Though the saint knows the mountain of God's love from having lived on its heights, the pilgrim in the valley can at least see the mountain and appreciate its grandeur from the distance. He or she can call out to the other pilgrims and tell them of life lived on the heights.--Peter Kreeft

We who live at the base of God's mountain often feel awed, and we always feel small. For 20 years we have lived and prayed, loved and struggled, laughed and cried, despaired and rejoiced in the blessed shadow of the mountain of God's transforming vision for our world. In this jubilee year, we are called to work the experiences and stories of our life together into the language of our faith, to articulate into living statement the call the Spirit has breathed into us over these many years.


SOJOURNERS COMMUNITY, which was first formed in Chicago, Illinois, in 1971, is a contemporary expression of tradition deeply rooted in the history of the church. Since the time of the Roman emperor Constantine, when Christianity became an official religion of the state and lost the radical Pentecostal fire of the early church, there have been renewal movements within the church trying to recapture the spiritual, political, and cultural cutting edge of the gospel.

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Sojourners Magazine February-March 1992
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