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Letters: Strength and Faithfulness

by Naomi Thiers 04-01-2015
Letter to the Editors

Letter to the Editors

Thinking of Jairus' Daughter

by Naomi Thiers 09-01-1993

A poem for L.L.

The University of the Imprisoned

by Naomi Thiers 07-01-1993

Poets as witnesses to the unseen

Torturers with a Human Face

by Naomi Thiers 08-01-1992

Latin Americas Faustian bargain with violence

Too Tidy in the Dust

by Naomi Thiers 07-01-1992

Review of Daughters of the Dust

Birthing the Inner City

by Naomi Thiers 02-01-1992

Many have given up on inner cities, but not Jeanne Schinto

Violence Personal and Political

by Naomi Thiers 06-01-1991

Closet Land's portrayal of torture and fear

Designed to Intimidate

by Naomi Thiers 05-01-1991

The U.S. government policy of political imprisonment

Honoring the Particulars

by Naomi Thiers, by Carolyn Forche 11-01-1990

The world of a poet

Calle Newton

by Naomi Thiers 06-01-1990

A poem

Guatemalan, First Winter, New York

by Naomi Thiers 02-01-1989

She stands in sandals/bending her head to the wind


by Naomi Thiers 03-01-1988

It is as if lions grew inside of me, and I am not afraid.


by Naomi Thiers 06-01-1987

A poem