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Letters: Strength and Faithfulness

by Naomi Thiers 04-01-2015

Thank you for publishing David P. Gushee’s “Tackling the Hard Questions” (January 2015). It was wonderful to read an admission that for centuries Christians have been judgmental and hurtful to people with same-sex attraction, creating a “human suffering problem within the very heart of the church,” and that it’s time for radical change in views and practices.

Thinking of Jairus' Daughter

by Naomi Thiers 09-01-1993

A poem for L.L.

The University of the Imprisoned

by Naomi Thiers 07-01-1993

Poets as witnesses to the unseen

Torturers with a Human Face

by Naomi Thiers 08-01-1992

Latin Americas Faustian bargain with violence

Too Tidy in the Dust

by Naomi Thiers 07-01-1992

Review of Daughters of the Dust

Birthing the Inner City

by Naomi Thiers 02-01-1992

Many have given up on inner cities, but not Jeanne Schinto

Violence Personal and Political

by Naomi Thiers 06-01-1991

Closet Land's portrayal of torture and fear

The U.S. Government Policy of Political Imprisonment is Designed to Intimidate

by Naomi Thiers 05-01-1991

To understand the US, we must understand our prisons

Honoring the Particulars

by Naomi Thiers, by Carolyn Forche 11-01-1990

The world of a poet

Calle Newton

by Naomi Thiers 06-01-1990

A poem