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Sojourners Magazine: December 1985

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Cover Story

Bill Stringfellow's righteous anger, witness, life, and love.
A remembrance of Bill Stringfellow.
Bill Stringfellow was an uncompromising enemy of racism, sexism, and homophobia in the church.
One of the earliest women to be ordained an Episcopal priest remembers Bill Stringfellow.
Bill Stringfellow made me realize we live in a world, and a church, crowded with idols.
A friend and neighbor remembers William Stringfellow.
William Stringfellow, one of the most authentic prophets of our place and time.
Remembering William Stringfellow, America's most important theologian.
Stringfellow's welcome, grace, and courage.
Bill Stringfellow and the Word of God.
How Bill Stringfellow spoke truth to the Episcopal Churchmen of Tennessee in 1963.


Incarnation and apocalypse.


The week between Christmas and New Year's is usually quiet around Sojourners Community.
Art Brown was showing me his art work.
Sometimes we are amazed at how much our children understand about our life in community.
How Bill Stringfellow helped teach us the meaning of the incarnation.


A poem in remembrance of William Stringfellow.
Christmas is a / promise of armistice / in everyone's war ...