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A New Bible App For Those Feeling Left Out Of Christianity

Image provided by Crystal Cheatham

Our Bible App is a new app that caters to progressive Christians and people across a spectrum of spiritualities. It's now launching a campaign titled, #BaggageClaim, which encourages readers to share about the baggage they are unpacking regarding their faith, religion, and spiritual journey.

Started in 2017, Our Bible App curates various Bible translations, devotional readings, books, and podcasts within its digital interface.

Entering digital spaces that are dominated by conservative Christian resources, Our Bible App is attempting to carve out a unique space. It is explicitly pro-LGBT, pro-women and pro-interfaith inclusivity in its stated mission. “I created this app because I'm tired of feeling left out of Christianity because of my complex identities,” Crystal Cheatham, the app’s founder and CEO, told Sojourners. “I wanted worship materials that talked about an inclusive kind of faith and embraced that same kind of community.”

For the #BaggageClaim campaign, which runs from Sept. 19 to Oct. 23, Our Bible App will feature a new devotional author each week. Anayelsi Velasco-Sanchez will headline with her devotional series, "We Belong: A Devotional Series For Those In the Borderlands."

“It's a push to deconstruct our faith instead of walking away from it all together,” Cheatham told Sojourners.

“I hope in a time when religion doesn't rely on divisive plot lines to keep us in order but on heart and human connection to remind us that we are all struggling to understand who God made us to be.”