Adam Taylor 11-10-2008
Many have commented on how Senator Obama's election has the power and potential to recast and redeem America's image in the world, usher in a new style of politics rooted in bridge-building and pro
Eugene Cho 11-07-2008
I follow politics, but I don't go crazy. I'm not the kind of person who wears buttons, puts bumper stickers on their cars, and signs on their home lawns.
Eugene Cho 09-24-2008
This is hard to read. Hard to swallow. Hard to understand ...

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In August 2006, before having ever heard the term "new monasticism," my husband, Jason, and I founded Radical Living, an intentional community in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. When I (Vonetta) was 12 years old, I emigrated from Guyana to [...]

Alexis Vaughan 01-01-2008
How God's Word empowers us to fight racism.
Jim Wallis 12-01-2007
It is time to work for common ground between evangelicals and progressives.
The difficulty - and necessity - of finding a middle ground on stem cells.
Alexis Vaughan 12-01-2007

Thousands of protesters marched through Jena, Louisiana, on Sept.

Michele M. Hovey 12-01-2006

In battered Liberia, a woman catches a glimpse of the reconciliation that only the bread and wine might bring.

Diana Butler Bass 10-11-2006
I confess: Over the last 10 days, I did not pay much attention to the Amish school shooting. As the mother of an 8-year old girl, I find school violence stories too painful to follow.
Rose Marie Berger 08-01-2006

After a two-year process, the Greensboro (North Carolina) Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the first of its kind in the United States, delivered its final report in May on the events surroundin

Adam Taylor 07-01-2006
Ten years after the formal dismantling of apartheid, economic injustice, HIV/AIDS, and poverty stand in the way of real reconciliation - and present daunting challenges for the South African church.
Andrew Hoeksema 12-01-2005
Why blessed uncertainty is the language of Advent.
Edie Bird 05-01-2000
Sorting out justice in South Africa.
Rose Marie Berger 11-01-1999

The war in Kosovo is over. The question now: How to build peace? Their neighbors in Bosnia might just have the beginnings of an answer.

Arthur Waskow 07-01-1999

From almost the beginning to the very end of the Book of Genesis, one theme whirls through many variations: war and peace between brothers (and one pair of sisters).

Charles A. Kimball 11-01-1998
How Christians and Muslims navigate the road ahead will have profound consequences for both communities--and for the world.
Spencer Perkins' long road to reconciliation.