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Seth Naicker is an activist for justice and reconciliation from South Africa. He can be reached at or

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Focusing World Cup Fever on South Africa's Fringe

by Seth Naicker 06-11-2010
I have committed my work, social action, and development endeavors to a social consciousness and awareness that propels a high standard of morality, ethics, and codes of conduct.

The Other Dimension of the Game

by Seth Naicker 09-04-2009
I have been thinking much about this slogan or caption, "the other dimension of the game." It is a slick and catchy phrase I have been exposed to in my work with Streetfootballworld -- a strategic

The Struggle Continues in South Africa

by Seth Naicker 08-07-2009
I have been home in South Africa for two months as of August 6. I am grateful that my family and I are home in the land of our beginnings.

Reconciliation and Homecoming

by Seth Naicker 06-02-2009
Homecoming is on my mind in this day and this hour.

Reflection on Prophet Malcolm X

by Seth Naicker 05-19-2009
In this hour, amongst everything else that is on my mind, I am mindful of the 19th of May, 2009, marking the birthday of a mystic activist and voice of justice.

Consumerism and Producerism

by Seth Naicker 03-24-2009
In times of great chaos and stress, people need voices of inspiration.

From Lazy Pluralism to Active Solidarity

by Seth Naicker 03-06-2009
I guess that people are on a journey when it comes to faith. Some admit to being on a journey, while there are those who state they have arrived.

Poem: Freedom's Lament

by Seth Naicker 02-20-2009
Freedom is on my mind. In the case of South Africa, political freedom was achieved almost 15 years ago. It was a freedom from the heresy of Apartheid.

What Change Can Tsvangirai Bring to Zimbabwe?

by Seth Naicker 02-13-2009
Feb. 11, 1990, marked the wondrous day that Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was released from prison.

Obama: 'Talk is Cheap'

by Seth Naicker 01-26-2009
For millions in the U.S.A.