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Administrator 8-06-2007

I first heard about the letter of the evangelical leaders through an e-mail from Professor Ron Sider, who used to teach at Messiah College, where I graduated. It was a gift from heaven after so many bad statements by evangelicals justifying killings, occupation, and the pillage of our land using [...]

Administrator 8-06-2007

I've gotta admit, it hasn't been easy being a Christian Arab-American, much less in the evangelical church. How many times can you explain that Jesus wasn't baptized in the Rio Grande, that there are tens of thousands of indigenous Palestinian Christians still living in the Holy Land, and that loving Jewish people and "blessing Israel" (as is oft cited from scripture) doesn't mean giving the modern (and mind you, secular) nation-state of Israel a carte blanche on foreign policy or grant it some [...]

Charles A. Kimball 4-01-2007

Three evangelicals on the challenges of Israel-Palestine.

Phil Haslanger 1-01-2006
Bridging gaps in the Middle East.
Charles A. Kimball 1-01-2005

An opening for peace?

Christian Peacemaker Teams members Kim Lamberty and Chris Brown were attacked Sept. 29 by five Israeli settlers while accompanying Palestinian school children south of Hebron.

The Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in Jerusalem hosted more than 500 representatives from 31 countries in April to

The Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in Jerusalem hosted more than 500 representatives from 31 countries in April to address the dangers of Christian Zionism. "Christian

Ed Spivey Jr. 11-01-2003

Israel's wall of separation.

Standing for peace in a war zone is never easy, but it's becoming next to impossible for Middle East human rights groups.

Duane Shank 7-01-2003
'What we need is not another feel-good plan, but a serious effort to seek peace.'
Kate Bowman 7-01-2003
In Israel, is it now okay to kill Americans?
Lee Anne Aspra 7-01-2003

WHILE ARTHUR WASKOW makes a few valid points about the anti-war movement and anti-Semitism therein, I am not comfortable being pigeonholed into some particular category of his choosing.

I was moved by Josh Healey's concern for the human rights of Palestinians ("Not in My Name"). It's encouraging to see young people committed to justice.

Ryan Rodrick Beiler 11-01-2002

When this book was published, the Committee to Protect Journalists had just named the West Bank as "the worst place to be a journalist." 

First he took off his hat and coat; then his sweater and shirt.

David Batstone 11-01-2001
We can't sacrifice our deepest convictions for the sake of a false unity.
Jim Wallis 11-01-2001

This edition of Sojourners went to press just as the U.S. military strikes in Afghanistan began, which makes this special issue even more critical. 

Jim Wallis 9-01-2001

My wife, Joy, my son, Luke, and I had dinner recently with our friend Michael Lerner and his wife, Debora, in their Berkeley, California home.

Tom Getman 9-01-2001
Why 'Holy Land Tours' miss the real story
Naim Ateek 9-01-2001
Following Jesus in occupied territory.