Middle East

Ed Spivey Jr. 11-01-2003

Israel's wall of separation.

Standing for peace in a war zone is never easy, but it's becoming next to impossible for Middle East human rights groups.

Lee Anne Aspra 07-01-2003

WHILE ARTHUR WASKOW makes a few valid points about the anti-war movement and anti-Semitism therein, I am not comfortable being pigeonholed into some particular category of his choosing.

Duane Shank 07-01-2003
'What we need is not another feel-good plan, but a serious effort to seek peace.'
Kate Bowman 07-01-2003
In Israel, is it now okay to kill Americans?

I was moved by Josh Healey's concern for the human rights of Palestinians ("Not in My Name"). It's encouraging to see young people committed to justice.

Ryan Beiler 11-01-2002

When this book was published, the Committee to Protect Journalists had just named the West Bank as "the worst place to be a journalist." 

First he took off his hat and coat; then his sweater and shirt.

David Batstone 11-01-2001
We can't sacrifice our deepest convictions for the sake of a false unity.
Jim Wallis 11-01-2001

This edition of Sojourners went to press just as the U.S. military strikes in Afghanistan began, which makes this special issue even more critical. 

Jim Wallis 09-01-2001

My wife, Joy, my son, Luke, and I had dinner recently with our friend Michael Lerner and his wife, Debora, in their Berkeley, California home.

Tom Getman 09-01-2001
Why 'Holy Land Tours' miss the real story
Naim Ateek 09-01-2001
Following Jesus in occupied territory.
Jim Wallis 09-01-2001
An interview with Palestinian Christian Jonathan Kuttab.
Susannah Hunter 09-01-2001

On the front lines with Christian Peacemaker Teams

Molly Marsh 09-01-2001

Rabbis for Human Rights

Jeremy Milgrom 09-01-2001

American Jews in Israel

Rebecca Lillian 09-01-2001

Jewish Unity for a Just Peace

Jim Wallis 09-01-2001

You wouldn't know it from media reports, but there's a hopeful movement being born in the Middle East

James W. Aageson 03-01-2001

What we are able to remember is important, but how we remember is even more so. Nowhere is this more true than in the Middle East.