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Wise Men Denied Security Permit to See Baby Jesus

by D. Murshed 12-18-2007

So I don't know whether to laugh or cry about the latest progressive addition to the classic nativity scene: the separation wall.

Either way, I love it.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out Christian Peacemaker Teams' "No Way to the Inn" campaign. Or, to purchase your own little [...]

Evangelicals and Israel

by D. Murshed 08-06-2007

I've gotta admit, it hasn't been easy being a Christian Arab-American, much less in the evangelical church. How many times can you explain that Jesus wasn't baptized in the Rio Grande, that there are tens of thousands of indigenous Palestinian Christians still living in the Holy Land, and that loving Jewish people and "blessing Israel" (as is oft cited from scripture) doesn't mean giving the modern (and mind you, secular) nation-state of Israel a carte blanche on foreign policy or grant it some [...]

O Strangled Town of Bethlehem

by D. Murshed 12-22-2006

"It is unconscionable that Bethlehem should be allowed to die slowly from strangulation."
- Archbishop Desmond Tutu



When we hear about Bethlehem this Christmas season, what do we imagine? A town far away and frozen in time? Or security [...]