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After Bin Laden, People of Faith Must Transcend Triumphalism

by Charles A. Kimball 05-02-2011
For more than a decade, Osama bin Laden has been Exhibit A in the contemporary manifestations of the lethal mix of religion a

Beyond Egypt

by Charles A. Kimball 05-01-2011

The "people's revolutions" in North America and the Middle East raise stark questions about the U.S. role in the region.

Road Map to Peace - or Destruction?

by Charles A. Kimball 04-01-2007

Three evangelicals on the challenges of Israel-Palestine.

After Arafat

by Charles A. Kimball 01-01-2005

An opening for peace?

Osama and Me

by Charles A. Kimball 01-01-2003

What Falwell and bin Laden have in common.

When Religion Becomes Evil

by Charles A. Kimball 11-01-2002

A propensity toward evil within religious communities always provides warning signs, says Charles Kimball, professor, Baptist minister, and expert analyst on the Middle East.

Is Islam the Enemy?

by Charles A. Kimball 11-01-1998
How Christians and Muslims navigate the road ahead will have profound consequences for both communities--and for the world.

An Islamic Threat?

by Charles A. Kimball 07-01-1993

Against the media storm of combatting the "Islamic threat"

The Human Face of the Other

by Charles A. Kimball 11-01-1992

Seeking peace in the Middle East

A Push For Peace in the Middle East

by Charles A. Kimball 12-01-1991

The need for face-to-face talks