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Five Years of War: A Call to Lament and Repent

by Michael Sherrard 03-19-2008

The Cost of War

Holy Week this year brings with it a sobering coincidence. As the church prepares to remember Christ's suffering, death, and resurrection, the nation is marking five years of war with Iraq. In response, Sojourners has released

Christians United for Peace in the Middle East

by Michael Sherrard 01-10-2008

President Bush is in Israel today, meeting with Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and expressing optimism that a peace treaty could be signed by the conclusion of his term: "with proper help, the state of Palestine will emerge."

But even as he expresses support for a two-state solution, President Bush is hearing a lot from extremists in the religious right who [...]

Burger Scrooge

by Michael Sherrard 12-14-2007

A few months ago, we asked Sojourners' supporters to send messages to Burger King, asking them to join McDonald's and Taco Bell in increasing the sub-poverty wages of Florida tomato pickers. Almost 20,000 people responded, but Burger King's behavior has only gotten worse. Not only have they [...]

Congress Hears Prayers for Peace

by Michael Sherrard 11-08-2007

In September, as Gen. David Petraeus testified before Congress on the progress of the Bush administration's "troop surge" in Iraq, Jim Wallis asked our supporters to match it with our own surge of prayers for Congress to bring an end to the war.

Over 17,000 of you responded, and today Rep. Rosa DeLauro took to the House floor to