Middle East

Susannah Hunter 09-01-2001

On the front lines with Christian Peacemaker Teams

Molly Marsh 09-01-2001

Rabbis for Human Rights

Jeremy Milgrom 09-01-2001

American Jews in Israel

Rebecca Lillian 09-01-2001

Jewish Unity for a Just Peace

Jim Wallis 09-01-2001

You wouldn't know it from media reports, but there's a hopeful movement being born in the Middle East

James W. Aageson 03-01-2001

What we are able to remember is important, but how we remember is even more so. Nowhere is this more true than in the Middle East.

Michael Lerner 01-01-2001
Peace will only be achieved when Israel embraces the Palestinian people.
Tom Getman 11-01-2000
Reaching Across the Barricades
Neve Gordon 11-01-2000

Jerusalem's 'Sanctity' must be built on justice

Peter Walker 09-01-2000
The Holy City
Molly Marsh 05-01-2000
Together Palestinian and Israeli activists fight 'functional apartheid' in the West Bank.
Jim Wallis 01-01-1999

In November, once again, Iraq responded to a military threat and signaled that it would allow U.N. weapons inspectors to resume their work. This was heartening news.

Jim Wallis 11-01-1998

The U.S. government is telling us that we have entered a new war, one that may last for years, even decades. If that is so, we are beginning with the wrong strategy.

The Moral Dilemma of sanctions.
Jeremy Milgrom 01-01-1998
Under Israeli occupation, peace eludes Palestine.
Marie Dennis 11-01-1996
Netanyahu undercuts the peace process
James J. Zogby 01-01-1996
The prospects for progress after Rabin.
Arthur Huff Fausel, 12-01-1986

A Woman of Faith and Fire