Rose Marie Berger 1-14-2008

When I asked a leading progressive biblical scholar who was doing the very best bible work on images of God and gender theology, she didn't hesitate in her answer: Elizabeth Johnson, she said.

Johnson, a Roman Catholic sister in the Congregation of St. Joseph, is interviewed about images of God in the January U.S. Catholic (

Diana Butler Bass 1-11-2008

During the South Carolina Republican debate, Mike Huckabee garnered greatest applause when defending his views of wifely submission as part of his evangelical faith. The questioner quizzed Huckabee about being one of 131 signers of a 1998 USA Today ad by the Southern Baptist Convention that asserted, "a wife is to graciously submit herself to the servant leadership of her husband." Huckabee responded by saying "I am not the least bit ashamed of my faith." He joked that his own wife [...]

Okay, I may be a PC thug. I care less about good intentions

James Ferguson 9-01-2006

In May, the Institute on Women and Criminal Justice released a report on the growth of the number of women in prison in the U.S.

American Palestinian physician Laila al-Marayati believes that the Quran speaks to women and men in a manner that eliminates the gender issue.

Randall Balmer 1-01-2001

If Kurt Warner is correct, maybe God studies the sports pages and fidgets with the remote control on Sunday afternoons like millions of American men.

Susan Hogan/Albach 5-01-2000

Ambivalence as a religious virtue?

Kari Jo Verhulst 7-01-1999

Why we can't ignore gender bias in the classroom.

Jo Ann Heydron 1-01-1999

Is a 'good' woman a sacrificing one?

Where some have found headship, others see equal promise for women and men.