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Mimi Haddad is president of Christians for Biblical Equality.

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Finding Shalom Among Genders

by Mimi Haddad 05-11-2016
'The Very Good Gospel' celebrates a web of creation where the flourishing of one is the flourishing of all.

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Tracing God’s indomitable shalom throughout Scripture, The Very Good Gospel celebrates the blessed web of creation where the flourishing of one is the flourishing of all. Devoting nearly 20 pages to shalom between the genders, Lisa Sharon Harper considers her own experiences in Christian ministry where too often God’s gifts to women are shamed and marginalized. Harper challenges the theological distortions that rob men and women of that blessed partnership beaming throughout the pages of Scripture.

From the Malls of America to the Destitute and Lost

by Mimi Haddad 05-02-2011
Do you find yourself reluctant to attend women's retreats, Bible studies, or conferences because too often they focus on fashion, dieting, women's emotions, and new forms of abdominal exercises?

The Elephant in the Sanctuary: Women and Abuse

by Mimi Haddad 04-08-2011
I concluded my celebration of Women's History Month (March) with a sober realization that the abuse of females is inseparable from the study of women's history.

Is Women's Leadership in the Church a Primary Issue?

by Mimi Haddad 11-03-2010
If you are concerned about the question of gender and Christian faith you have probably heard someone say, "Yes, the woman's question is important, but it is not a 'primary issue.'" What is at the

Is Christ's Gender Paramount?

by Mimi Haddad 06-22-2010

How many of us come from traditions where we have been told that women cannot serve in positions of leadership because Jesus was male?

Why did God Create Women?

by Mimi Haddad 03-05-2010

In Half the Sky, Pulitzer Prize-winning authors Kristof and WuDunn document the global exploitation of women an abuse to which we have become indifferent.

All Are Equally Called to 'Servant Leadership'

by Mimi Haddad 02-23-2010
How many of us feel uneasy when we are told that men, rather than women, are called to be "servant leaders?" Perhaps we are confused by this notion -- that men alone are to be "servant leaders" --

Boys are Warriors and Girls are Princesses? Spiritual Gifts are not Divided by Gender

by Mimi Haddad 11-18-2009
Have you ever visited your local Christian bookstore as an exercise in gender studies?

Jesus Didn't Overlook Gender, He Transcended It

by Mimi Haddad 10-06-2009
Earlier this year I spent nearly one week at a Christian university.

A Woman with Full Authority

by Mimi Haddad 09-30-2009
Many people in Minnesota get really excited about fall. We welcome cooler weather, colorful trees, and a chance to share treasures from our garden.