Foreign Policy

Seth Naicker 1-26-2009
For millions in the U.S.A.
Jim Wallis 1-22-2009

It's a better country than I thought it was. I honestly wouldn't have thought this possible. I guess I would have agreed with the older generation of African Americans in my neighborhood: This day would never come in our lifetimes-but here it is.

Memos to the new president from political, cultural, and religious leaders.

Jim Wallis 12-12-2008
Rich Cizik has been a pioneer in the "new evangelical" movement and a real hero, especially to the next generation of young believers.
Jim Wallis 12-04-2008
"The appeal of terrorism is waning," said Mathew Burrows, head of long-range analysis in the office of the director of national intelligence.
The Editors 12-01-2008

When President Bush leaves office in January, he’ll take with him the cadre of neo-cons who shaped the administration’s foreign policy over the last eight years.

John Prendergast 12-01-2008

Why Africa is a land of endless possibilitiy -- and how that should guide U.S. relations with the continent.

Jim Forest 11-14-2008
In many situations I'm hesitant to use the term "pro-life," as for a lot of people it really means nothing more than "anti-abortion." To be pro-life should mean doing all that one can to protect li
A curious thing has happened as Americans were choosing their first black president. Democracy suddenly ceased to be a bad word for many genuine democrats in the Middle East.

Elizabeth Palmberg 10-06-2008
In last week's debate, Gwen Ifill, Sen. Biden, and Gov.
Danny Duncan Collum 12-01-2007
Ideology, without love, is worse than nothing.
Marie Dennis 8-01-2007
Pushing back efforts to remilitarize Japan.
Elizabeth Palmberg 5-01-2007
Trade technocrats try to hide behind a veil of boring, but you can get beyond the jargon.
Elizabeth Palmberg 5-01-2007

• Write your members of Congress to demand that they not renew the president's "fast track" authority on trade agreements, which ties Congress's hands by allowing it only to approv

Elizabeth Palmberg 5-01-2007

Understanding the perils and promise of international trade. Includes Web Exclusive: List of additional readings and resources.

Jim Wallis 8-01-2006
For those who run our foreign policy, diplomacy has become a 'weak' word.
Jim Wallis 6-01-2006

Australia is an absolutely beautiful country, and it wasn’t until I got back there (after more than a decade) that I realized how much I missed it.

Jim Rice 4-01-2004
The Bush Doctrine strikes again.
Vicki Kemper 10-01-1988

Let us, the American people, see the long-hidden facts behind the Iran-contra scandal and our country's long-secret foreign policy.